Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Pizza Crust Mix Reviews

After finding out that my husband is allergic to gluten, dairy and eggs – among other things, we started looking for recipes and mixes that would not take all day, not cost a fortune, and still taste good. And of course Mark’s favorite food is pizza. Although restaurants are so much better about accommodating celiacs, we cannot find anyone who can accommodate all of his restrictions – not in Mesa, Arizona.

Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Because we have tried so many new things, we kept a notebook on all the new products we’ve tried so we can keep them all straight. Below are the reviews and notes on each pizza dough mix we tried. These are just the opinions of two people muddling through their first year of food allergies. Hope this page saves you a little muddling. Feel free to post comments of your own! Also, just because one brand’s pizza crust didn’t work well for us doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, or that their other products (like pancake mixes) are not worth checking out. There is a lot of experimentation in GF recipes, and sometimes that experimentation can yield wonderful results. We applaud and support the efforts of all companies that bring us gluten free solutions.

We’re constantly learning new ways to make gluten free living wonderful, and when we learn something valuable, we want to share it with the rest of you. Send an email to and put “Gluten Free” in the subject line, and when we learn something useful, we’ll share it with you.

All recipes: Please note that in place of milk we use unsweetened soymilk and that in place of eggs we use EnerG Egg Replacer.

*Bob’s Red Mill GF (Gluten-free) Pizza Crust Whole Grain Mix
Easy to make and turned out well. Box to table (including toppings) took about 1 ¼ hrs. Makes a lot.

* King Arthur Flour GF Pizza Crust Mix
We did not have good results with this mix. It was like working with mashed potatoes and took extra long to cook through. If you have any tricks to making this mix work for you, let us know.

* Pamela’s GF Bread Mix (said it could be used as pizza crust on bag)
Working with it raw was like working with glue. Mixed reviews of it cooked: Mark liked the taste, Dee did not much care for it. As a bread mix, this is one of our favorite go-to mixes. It makes a rather dense, compact bread, but it’s more moist and holds together well.

* Sun Flour Mills Pizza Crust and French Bread Whole Grain GF
So easy to work with. Tasted very good and puffed up a lot. Next time we want to try cooking it right on the rack to make it more crusty, less soft.

* Sof’ella GF Pizza Crust Mix
Easy to work with. Makes a little less than some of the other mixes. Very tasty.

* Chebe Focaccia Mix
Made as directed but it was too crumbly and would not mix. Kept adding oil and milk alternately just till we could work with it. Good taste, terrible texture. Threw it away.

* Danell’s Signature Blend Pizza Crust Mix
Very easy to make and quite yummy. Doesn’t come with yeast in the packet (as many mixes do), so be sure you have some on hand. It does not require egg, so that was nice.