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Denso Fuel Pump Rewiring Instructions Page 2
2G FWD Turbo ('97 Spyder)

by Mark Purney

Disconnect battery.
Battery and tray removed.
There is a large wiring harness which passes through the firewall on the passenger side through a large rubber protection grommet. This is a good place to pass the new fuel pump wire through. Pull back the carpeting - it is just under the dash. You can use a slotted screwdriver to poke through the layers of rubber, but be careful not to damage the harness. Use a coat hanger to help feed the wire through from the inside to the engine bay.
Pull the wire through from the engine bay.
Connect the in-line fuse holder and a ring terminal crimp connector to a 10" section of 10 ga. wire. The ring terminal will connect right to the positive post of the battery terminal. Solder all connections.
Tape everything well with electrical tape. Heat shrink tubing may also be used, but a proper tape job will be just as good and faster to apply.
Solder the other end of the fuse holder to the wire which runs through the firewall. Tape everything very well for insulation and strain relief.

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