Fun With Memes…

Memes are like television ads. Some of them are actually entertaining, and you don’t mind seeing them once, maybe twice. Some of them are just awful from the start, and you wonder why anyone would produce something so stupid. You just can’t hit the fast-forward button fast enough, or the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Dalai Lama makes shadow puppet animals

My Facebook feed is mainly a bunch of memes that get mindlessly shared by people who are bored. I’m not sure what this compulsion is to hit the Share button on such lame content. If it’s rectangular, contains some text, and has a background, then it meets the minimum quality criteria for being share-worthy. What is the thought process? Even if all of your friends already shared the same meme, share it anyway, because there is a tiny chance that one of your friends still hasn’t seen it yet, and their lives won’t be complete without knowing how you feel about Monday mornings, or moms, or dads, or creepy uncles, or some type of beverage.

The source of these crappy memes is often radio stations like “Hot 101″ or “97 The Edge” or “Magic 107.” You could randomly take any number between 87.5 to 107.9, pair it with one of those words, and there will probably be a corresponding radio station with a Facebook page that does nothing but regurgitate memes, knowing that whatever garbage they churn out, it’s guaranteed to get tons of shares.

Today’s over-shared meme was a quote from the Dalai Lama. I’m sure it was a good quote. I don’t remember what the quote said, and neither will most of the people who posted it if you asked them tomorrow at gunpoint to recite it. But what I do remember is having to scroll past it at least a dozen times in order to see real content on my news feed, containing real words people actually typed, or real photos and videos pertaining to things really happening with real people.

Sometimes I get annoyed with this stuff and I just have to rant about it. I also modified the meme in Photoshop (the image above), because that’s what I do. I modify stuff in Photoshop. It’s good therapy. So I hope nobody is offended by my little rant. But if you are, I’m sure there is a meme on the Mix 106 Facebook page you can share with me to express your disapproval.

The New General Lee, Safe For Everyone!

It’s official: If you liked the old Dukes of Hazzard or the General Lee, you’re evil. The executives at TV Land and the media have told us how to think, so get with the program and embrace the new reality in which life is all rainbows and unicorns. If something contains an image that might offend, even if it’s a fictional show about rednecks running from a bumbling sheriff, it must be banned! But don’t expect a revival of public book burnings (or DVD burnings) anytime soon, because that would not be good for environmental air quality. Instead, we predict that large, industrial shredders will be the new way to stage large, public thought cleansing. (You may want to consider investing in shredder manufacturers.) In our efforts to obey the thought police, we’ve come up with a proper, updated version of the General Lee, called the Generally PC. You can’t see in the photo, but the roof is now covered with a big, “COEXIST” logo.

The New General Lee

Also, the lyrics of the theme song have been updated for 2015:

Just the good little boys
Never meanin’ to offend
Beats all you never saw
Doin’ nothin unsafe
Since the day they was born

Preaching on facebook
Such a total buzzkill
Someday their lameness might get ‘em
But original thoughts never will

Makin’ their way
The only way they know how
That’s just a little more boring
Than your stomach will allow

Just them good little lemmings
Wouldn’t change unless popular opinion suggested they do so
Goin’ along the system
Like a true modern day Neville Chamberlain